Minister’s Forward

Minister’s Forward…Hello and welcome to our website…

As Minister responsible for Inter Government Relations, it gives me great pleasure to provide the foreword for the Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs website. The website is a very important tool for the Department to carry out its functions and objectives effectively through online awareness and information distribution. The website will help the department to promote its activities and events to the online community in PNG and abroad.

The Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs (DPLGA) under my Ministry performs an important role as the mother department to all Provincial and Local-Level Governments in the country by facilitating and coordinating the provision of the necessary support to enhance their effective functioning.

Furthermore, the Department is the national government agency mandated to provide the vital link for coordination and partnership between all stakeholders to mobilize and provide the necessary support to strengthen the lower levels of government and their administrations. Thus, the Department’s plans and strategies must be consistent with and aligned to the directions and priorities of the National Government whilst at the same time capture the needs and aspirations of Provincial and Local-level Governments.

This website will also help bridge the gap between the global environment, the national level, provincial level, and the rural population. And having access to information will allow the Department to work more closely with development partners in achieving its goal.

Therefore, this website is a very vital tool for dissemination of information on the government’s input in our operation and other service delivery efforts that the Department has been working on behind the scenes. Some of the policies and other important achievements initiated by the Department will be published through this website so stakeholders, donor agencies, and the online communities can be able to absorb for an enhanced effective collaboration.


HON. Pila Niningi, MP
Minister for Inter-Government Relations & Member for Imbonggu Open.