Our Department has eight (8) Divisions. This section details the roles and functions of each division in alphabetical order. Please click on the Division drop down menu to read more.

Border & Special Projects Division...

Border and Special Projects Division is responsible for facilitating transmission of deceased estates and acquisition of land for state purposes under Section 125 of the Land Registration Act and perform custodian functions under Section 134 of Lands Act as well as coordinate implementation of bilateral Agreements relating to internal administration of international borders, refugee policies and border development program. Its main activities are;

  • Development of policies, guidelines and procedures on border administration and development
  • Overall internal administration and coordination of internal borders and refugee camps.
  • Administration and enforcement of relevant provisions of border agreements/treaties in relation to administration of international borders.
  • Coordinate and overseeing the implementation of refugee policies and programs.
  • Facilitate acquisition of customary land for state purposes and perform custodian role on behalf of the State under Section 167 of Land Registration Act and Section 134 of Lands Act.
  • Facilitate transmission of deceased estate and titles through the office of Registrar of titles and the department of Lands and physical planning.
Corporate Support Services Division...

The Corporate Support Services Division is responsible for the vital support services within the department. This division consist of three (3) branches, which includes Finance & Administration, Human Resources and Information & Communications Technology and the Performance Monitoring Unit. Its main activities are to;

  • Administration of department’s financial resources and procurement of goods and services in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act and operational guidelines.
  • Administration of department fixed assets.
  • Provide technical advice to management, client divisions and provincial administrations on financial matters.
  • Administration of Department’s human resource needs in terms of HR Planning, recruitment and selection, HR development, employees’ salaries remuneration, industrial relations, and HR information
  • Provision of technical advice and assistance to management, client divisions and provincial administrations on HR matters.
  • Overall Technical support to the department in management of information and its technological systems.
  • Installation and maintenance of computerized information systems for the Department.
  • Provide technical advice and information to the department’s management with regard to IT and related matters.

Provide technical assistance in provincial and LLG capacity building in areas of IT.

Legal Support Division...

The Legal Services is responsible for;

  • Providing legal advice to the Department, Minister, NEC, CACC, other government agencies and Provincial and Local Level Governments
  • Providing legal representation for the department and Minister
  • Reviewing of legislation relating to Provincial and Local Level Governments
  • Carrying out legislative drafting as required by the Department, Minister, NEC, FLC, and Provincial and Local Level Governments.
Local Government Support Services Division...

The Local Government Support Services (LGSS) Division is responsible for providing sound advice for the purpose of Good Governance to the minister for DPLGA, Provincial and Level Governments as well as other National agencies. Its main activities are;

  • Establishment of procedural and operational guide-lines for provincial and LLG’s in accordance with the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Government and other relevant Acts.
  • Provision of advice and guidance on good governance processes and procedures to provincial and LLG’s under the reform.
  • Strengthening capacity of elected leaders and public officials on their roles and responsibilities under the reform.
  • In liaison with other relevant division, e.g, Legal and Policy Division, investigate and resolve issues and complaints on Provincial and LLGs including misconduct in office by elected leaders and public officials.
  • In consultation with PNG Electoral Commission facilities election of LLG’s and the determination of LLG boundaries.
  • Facilitation of the establishment, alteration and abolishing of LLGs, wards and SPAs.

Provision of advice to minister through secretary on LLG matters.

Performance Monitoring & Coordination Division...

Performance Monitoring Division is responsible for monitoring performance of Provincial and Local-Level Governments and also conduct investigations into financial anomalies and investigations in the Provincial and Local-Level Government as and when required by the Minister for Inter-Government Relations. Its main activities are to;

  • assess evidence of financial irregularities in the Provincial and Local-Level Governments and recommend remedial measures,
  • plan and carry out financial inspections and investigations in the Provincial and Local-Level Government,
  • ensure that proper and effective budgeting, planning and expenditure control are maintained in all levels of governments,
  • assist line departments to improve skills and management of funds in the Provincial and Local-Level Governments administration,
  • assist other agencies in improving financial guidelines for use by the Provincial and Local-Level Governments,
  • Plan for and carry out requirement of Provincial and Local-Level Service Monitoring Authority (PLLSMA).
Provincial & Local Level Services Monitoring Authority Division (Secretariate)...

Provincial & Local Level Services Monitoring Authority (PLLSMA) Division is responsible for;

  • Coordinating the implementation of PLLSMA decisions and resolutions
  • Undertaking administrative support for PLLSMA operations
  • Supporting PLLSMA sub-committees
  • Compiling Annual Performance Report to Parliament
Policy Planning & External Liaison Division...

Policy Planning & External Liaison Division is responsible for;

  • Providing policy advice to the Department, Minister, NEC, CACC and other Government Agencies
  • Guiding Provinces, District, City Authorities and LLGs on research, review and advice on relevant public policy issues
  • Facilitating national policy dissemination
  • Public Investment Program Coordination

Facilitating donor engagement for DPLGA.

Provincial Capacity Development Division...

Provincial Capacity Development Division is responsible for the overall management and coordination of capacity building initiatives for Provincial and District administrations. Its main activities are;

  • Identification of provincial capacity needs and priorities.
  • Development of plans and strategies for capacity building for provincial and district administrations.
  • Liaison and coordination with relevant National Agencies and DPLGA divisions for provision of technical and financial assistance for provincial and district administration capacity building.
  • Liaison and coordinate with international donor agencies to secure technical and financial support for provincial and district administration capacity building.
  • Creation of awareness, and assistance to provincial administrations to Participate in Performance Improvement Initiatives.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of capacity building activities undertaken by DPLGA and other agencies.
  • Provision of regular reports and information on capacity building activities to all key stakeholders.